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Ed Kuehnel
Design and develop WordPress-driven portfolio
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This site was designed to serve as a portfolio and point of contact for Ed Kuehnel, a story consultant, narrative designer, and screenwriter.

The design was created internally and approved by the client, and I developed the WordPress backend to meet his needs. Some of this project’s notable challenges were:

  • Custom post types to manage portfolio items, news micro-feed, and endorsements
  • Metaboxes to make data entry easy for the client
  • Simple, elegant design

As a portfolio and point of contact for clients, the site needed to quickly present information with minimal fuss. Given that my client is an individual and not a company with numerous employees, it was also important that the site be simple and intuitive to update. My client also specifically requested a small, one-line “news micro-feed”:

News & announcements microfeed

This feature would allow him to add simple, short updates or links to be displayed on every page of the site. It was implemented through a combination of metaboxes, via CMB2, and custom post types.

Work section on backend

In addition to simplifying programming and management, the extensive use of custom post types in the project also provide a clear semantic framework when updating the site: Portfolio items are simply “Work,” not some less-intuitive and semantically inaccurate construction such as “posts in the ‘work’ category.”

Project creation, backend

The project creation view.

Project appearance, frontend

How projects appear on the front end.